11 May 2020

Are you wondering what the definition is of Agile Methodology?Agile Methodology is defined as an approach to software development where solutions evolve through a collaborative team effort.With Agile Methodology, a software development project is broken down into stages where continuous improvement and iteration occur at every stage.

Software Requirements

Agile Methodology starts with the client describing how they want the software to work, what it will be used for, and what problems it solves. This helps to present a clear picture to the software development team before the project begins.This dynamic method starts with what's called sprint 0 that is dedicated to gathering requirements, analysis, validation, and writing. This work is performed by business analysts.The software project is broken down into two- to three-week sprints, starting with sprint 1. Sprint 1 is completed by architects, designers, developers, and testers. This allows all team members to work in parallel ensuring efficient capacity distribution.

Usable and Testable Results

At the end of each sprint, a tangible result is delivered that is usable and testable. These results are shown to the client through a demonstration (demo) at the end of each sprint.There are two big advantages to Agile Methodology.

  1. Fast delivery since all work is done in parallel
  2. Flexibility because projects are delivered gradually and more adaptable to change

There are two downsides to Agile Methodology.

  1. There is a risk that the team finds out that the requirements for a later sprint contradict an earlier sprint.
  2. Inability to predict the full timeline and budget.

While the team may guarantee they'll use the most optimal capacity to deliver the project as soon as possible, in reality, the project is done when it is done since changes can be made at every step.The Agile Methodology is heavily utilized by large companies with existing software budgets. Since their goal is to get the project to market as soon as possible, Agile Methodology becomes the best choice. What has your experience been with Agile Methodology? Please share your thoughts in the section for comments below.To learn more about custom software development and Agile Methodology, download your copy of How to Plan a Successful Custom Software Project.


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