At Neologic, we believe in establishing seamless and simple operations to accommodate all levels of work. Our company focuses on taking up complex, challenging projects that require a unique perspective to make them simple and easy to use. When working, we tend to follow a predictive yet modifiable approach towards problem solving and development.

Our first round of consultation services is free of charge. This helps businesses and leaders figure out what they need without having to invest in us. Once we have a clear picture of our client’s requirements, we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

Phases and Process

At Neologic, no client is too big or small. Although, we would be lying if we say we don’t love working with small and medium businesses more. But nothing changes our approach to solve problems, no matter how complex or how unique they are. 

Stage 1: Consultation

We offer free consultation services to businesses to comfortably discuss and figure out what they are looking for without having to put in an initial investment.

Stage 2: Requirement Gathering

Once our client is onboard, we work on creating a requirement document with meticulous details aligning them with low-fidelity wireframes. If any business has a secret recipe of success, this is ours.

Stage 3: Logic-embedded Prototypes

After we have compiled our requirements and have a clear view of what is needed, we develop prototypes that our clients sometimes confuse with the actual product. To make our and client’s job easy,  we create logic-embedded prototypes so they work exactly like the actual solution.

Stage 4: Project Delivery and QA

Finally, once we have developed the project, we go through a testing phase. Here we resolve all queries, bugs, changes, and everything else. Our QA team stays on the top of their game and provides critical feedback to developers to ensure that the system works just as laid down in phase 1.

Stage 5: Support & Maintenance

At Neologic, we believe in building strong client relationships, and to do this we offer extensive support and maintenance even after the deployment of your project. As your partner, we remain on standby support to ensure that there is no down-time.