Optimize and Improve Processes with Custom Software

10 February 2020

Custom software helps companies improve and optimize business processes.Every business model is evolving and dynamic, but never static. Competition changes, so you have to keep your business processes up to date.The following is an excerpt from How to Plan a Successful Custom Software Project.When a critical mass of users start complaining about something going wrong on a SaaS platform, the SaaS company may do an update, but you don't have any control over that.

Control the Process

When you have custom software, you control the whole process. You create your own backlog of items. You decide when items are delivered, how fast they're delivered, when they're delivered, and how they're implemented internally.If you have manual business processes or use a SaaS application, the flexibility and efficiencies you gain with custom software make you more competitive. This helps your company implement new features and develop new business processes without being at the mercy of your SaaS provider.Let's look at an example. To send a holiday card to your clients, do you extract the data from your CRM software into an Excel spreadsheet? Do you then need to deduplicate the data? In custom software, you might instead simply press a button, and the data would be made available to you in a ready-to-use format.Another common problem is when a manager or a CEO needs a specific type of report that their SaaS program is unable to generate. They have to jump through hoops to piece together the information they need. With custom software, generating a report can be one simple click.

Automating Manual Tasks

Whenever you come across a problem or a manual task, add that to your backlog list to automate in a future update.When considering advantages of custom software, data consolidation is often a top priority. When you have properly accumulated sales data, you can send out messages very easily, taking only a few minutes to set up an email campaign. With proper reports, you can make faster business decisions. It all comes back to how you've collected this data, where you're keeping it, and how easy it is to obtain. Custom software allows you to consolidate the data the way you want. And when data is properly consolidated, the sky's the limit.To learn more about optimizing and improving processes with custom software, download your copy of How to Plan a Successful Custom Software Project.


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