How COO's Overcome Obstacles That Stand in the Way of Their Success
6 April 5 min
As the old saying goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Running a company is not easy. And unfortunately, failure is a part of learning. But what can you do to overcome challenges or obstacles and get on the right path toward success?Chief...
25 May 5 min
Are you wondering what the definition is of Automated Business Processes? Automated Business Processes are defined as the automation of complex business processes. Also known as digital transformation, business process automation can streamline tasks to improve...
7 Process Improvement Mistakes That COO's Fix
18 May 5 min
The Chief Operations Officer’s (COO) primary function is to oversee the ongoing daily operations of the business. They look for repeatable tasks that can be brought together to meet a particular goal. In doing so, they improve business processes.
How Automated Business Processes Save Time and Money
6 May 2019 5 min
Onsite client meetings give us a chance to meet with business owners, as well as their management teams, to talk about a few things. We discuss the services that Lotatech offers, we get feedback on how we’re doing, we make sure the client is happy with our...
11 May 5 min
Are you wondering what the definition is of Agile Methodology? Agile Methodology is defined as an approach to software development where solutions evolve through a collaborative team effort. With Agile Methodology, a software development project is broken...