Strategy and Planning
1 June 2020 10 min
Learn how to apply proper strategy and planning when considering software project.
26 June 2019 5 min
Are you wondering what the definition is of a digital ecosystem? A digital ecosystem is defined as a shared use of a digital platform by people, companies, data, and processes. Digital ecosystems enable collaboration and provide mutual benefits for all involved....
Top 3 Process Improvements Every COO Needs
19 June 2019 5 min
As a Chief Operations Officer (COO), you are tasked with implementing business processes to help drive increased performance and efficiency. Increasing Productivity and Efficiency Let’s peel back the curtain on your project management to-do list and zero...
18 May 2020 5 min
Are you wondering what the definition is of custom software? Custom software is defined as software that is developed for a specific company or person to solve a particular problem. Software that is off-the-shelf or available at no charge (such as open...
How a COO Gets More Done Despite Limited Time and Budget
27 April 2020 5 min
Small companies face a lot of challenges with limited resources. But how can a Chief Operations Officer (COO) overcome these limitations and make an impact on their company’s growth? A COO today has to be sharp. A COO has to look at every angle and make the best...