Custom Software Development Team Roles. Product manager
30 October 2020
Appointing the right person to the Product Manager role, with the appropriate delegated authority to progress the project, is fundamental to its success.
How to choose the reliable custom software development partner
27 October 2020
Six points you need to analyze when choosing a custom-software development partner.
Why should digital transformation projects focus on product management?
22 September 2020
Find out WHY digital transformation projects should focus on product management, HOW the methodology choices can affect project costs, and WHAT you should undertake to get rid of outdated technologies.
HR automation. The way to ensure stable business growth
21 August 2020
Why HR processes can become an obstacle for business growth and how to automate them through custom software solutions by Neologic.
26 June 2019 5 min
Are you wondering what the definition is of a digital ecosystem? A digital ecosystem is defined as a shared use of a digital platform by people, companies, data, and processes. Digital ecosystems enable collaboration and provide mutual benefits for all involved....