Digital Transformation for IT Departments: How You Can Streamline Your IT Operations
24 February 2021
Digital transformation of IT involves people, business processes, and technologies. It appeals to all the people concerned in your organization to redefine IT services as a means to boost efficiency and manage expenses. With advanced technologies, businesses can streamline their operations, remodel the implementation of applications and other products, provide better service, and maintain stronger relationships with customers as a result.
7 best mobile development companies for small business
17 February 2021
We picked the 7 best mobile development companies to facilitate your choice of the right partner for your business. Neologic is a leader in its industry specializing in creating a digital ecosystem for a company to accelerate growth. Neologic provides such services as world-class software development, product development, business analysis, cloud computing, telecommunications, virtualization, etc. 
Neologic named one of 10 best mobile app developers in Naperville by Expertise
9 February 2021
Neologic named one of 10 best mobile app developers in Naperville by Expertise
Telecom custom software development: strategies, benefits and use cases
4 February 2021
In this article, we will challenges of telecommunications companies, suggest strategies to overcome them, learn how telcos can benefit from custom software, and demonstrate a use case of how custom communications app and messenger enhance the customer experience.
Digital transformation in insurance: advantages, opportunities and use cases
13 January 2021
The advantages of digital transformation and custom software development in the insurance industry are evident. The insurance industry is growing rather dependent on digital technologies, yet it's not an underlying factor for its growth. A greater challenge for insurance companies is to find a balance between turning digital and maintaining personal contact with their customers. However, as we now see, digital transformation and custom software development are perfect allies for that.