Custom software development: 7 businesses that can benefit from it
11 February
Custom software is a unique technology solution designed specifically for the needs of a certain organization or even a department within an organization and is not packaged for resale. The reason for that is tailor-made solutions are developed with account taken of the company's infrastructure, branding, and implementation, and they simply won't work for any other company.
Telecom custom software development: strategies, benefits and use cases
4 February
In this article, we will challenges of telecommunications companies, suggest strategies to overcome them, learn how telcos can benefit from custom software, and demonstrate a use case of how custom communications app and messenger enhance the customer experience.
Client portal in beauty: how the industry benefits from digital transformation
27 January
In short, a client portal is a secure complex system of data that can be used by both the clients and the company. Stay with us, and you will learn detailed information about client portals in the beauty industry, as well as the challenges beauty salons meet without digital technologies, and how they can benefit from client portals. 
Digital transformation in insurance: advantages, opportunities and use cases
13 January
The advantages of digital transformation and custom software development in the insurance industry are evident. The insurance industry is growing rather dependent on digital technologies, yet it's not an underlying factor for its growth. A greater challenge for insurance companies is to find a balance between turning digital and maintaining personal contact with their customers. However, as we now see, digital transformation and custom software development are perfect allies for that.
Healthcare custom software: why there is no chance of ignoring it
25 December 2020
In this blog material, we will demonstrate how digitization positively impacts the healthcare industry, what makes custom software a vital tool in managing healthcare operations, and will provide you with 3 use cases on developing custom software for the healthcare businesses.